So, Im gonna discuss my experience with the product in a detailed Foligray review.

The product has been around for quite some time and its one of the top rated products of Amazon. The marketing strategy of the company is quite interesting and they focus on targeting people who are suffering from grey hair. If you are one of them then you know how difficult it is to cover grey hair with a natural solution to make your hair color pigment again.

My Foligray Review

I have been using Foligray for a few months now and I can say that it definitely works! It was easy to apply and gave me great coverage of my grey hair. The color lasted a long time too, which was great. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an easy and effective way to cover their grey hair.

Overall, I am very pleased with Foligray and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a natural solution to their grey hair problem. Thank you for reading my review and I hope it was helpful!

Gray hair is a real problem that both women and men face. After all, hair whitening is a sign of aging. To solve the problem of white hair, women use hair dye – very simple. Instead, men use all sorts of tricks to hide this, such as natural remedies, micro hair fibers for the scalp, or tinting shampoo for white hair.

In this review, we will analyze the progress in the field of medicine regarding products that promise to restore the natural color of hair. A real breakthrough is called Foligray, a product that has clinical trials behind it, meant to restore the natural color of human hair.

In the lines below we will analyze in detail what Foligray is, whether it works or not, the ingredients, as well as real facts about Foligray.

Foligray Facts

Foligray is a support product for the natural color of the hair, it is manufactured in the USA by the company VitaBalance. On the official website, you will find all the information you need for this supplement.

It is a fantastic product, made from a lot of natural ingredients that help stop white hair, but also help to grow healthy hair, thanks to essential minerals and vitamins. It also helps increase catalase production.

Catalase is actually an enzyme produced by the human body, which helps hair maintain its natural color. Catalase is very important because it breaks down the hydrogen peroxide that the human body secretes, thus avoiding the growth of gray hair.

Foligray comes in capsule form (60 / vial) for 30 days. The mode of administration is two capsules a day (one in the morning and one in the evening).

Foligray is a product for both women and men. Being a product based on vitamins and minerals, it can be obtained without a prescription from a doctor.

Foligray Ingredients

The product contains many ingredients, we will refer to the most important.


  1. Catalase: As shown above, Foligray stimulates a natural form of catalase, which helps the body absorb and use it.
  2. Vitamin B-5: This vitamin has a role in stimulating the human body’s immune system and has a role in blocking stress. It is also called Pantothenic Acid.
  3. Zinc: These days, in the midst of the Covit-19 pandemic, zinc has been shown to help the human body’s immune system and help blood circulation.
  4. Copper: Hair needs copper for melanin production. Melanin is directly responsible for the color of your hair
  5. Fo-Ti: This plant stimulates the production of hair follicles and slows down the aging process of the hair. It is a plant very often used in traditional Chinese medicine, which helps white hair.
  6. Saw Palmento grains: Based on tests, Saw Palmento helps hair grow healthier.
  7. Biotin: Biotin plays an important role in digestion and helps absorb the product’s ingredients.

Value of Ingredients

There are many factors that contribute negatively to your hair color, among them stress is the biggest enemy. Stress can make your hair bleach prematurely, or fall out.

That’s why Foligray contains ingredients that help the immune system. In case of an illness, the body is deprived of the essential nutrients for the hair. Maintaining a healthy body helps maintain natural hair color, preventing bleaching.

Thanks to these carefully selected ingredients, Foligray helps the hair follicles maintain their natural pigment, respectively the natural color. There are other ingredients such as Barley Grass juice powder, Horsetail Extract, and Folic Acid – An essential B vitamin that the human body needs for healthy hair.

How Foligray Works

To really see how Foligray works, you need to analyze the ingredients in detail.
Hair turns white for two reasons:

1. Due to the hydrogen peroxide that our body naturally produces – it leads to hair bleaching. Hydrogen peroxide attacks and whitens hair follicles before they come out. Because of this, the catalase mentioned above has the role of decomposing this peroxide – Catalase remaining one of the main ingredients of Foligray.

2. Due to the two types of cells in your hair follicles, which age prematurely. One type of cell has a role in hair growth, the other type gives color to the hair.

Due to the aging of this type of cell, the hair remains colorless. Because of this, we need to support the secretion of melatonin for the hair, helping the follicle to live as long as possible.

All the ingredients in Foligray are meant to help maintain natural hair color, helping gray or gray or gray hair.

Foligray Advantages

1. One of the major advantages of the product are the ingredients listed above, all are natural and without side effects.

2. These Vitamins and minerals, in addition to maintaining healthy hair, also help maintain overall health, with results in just 30 days.

3. Foligray is a product for both white, gray hair, being also an anti-hair loss product. It is actually a 2 in 1 product that can be taken by people with baldness. No need for two separate treatments.

4. The official website offers you substantial discounts if you buy more bottles, for two purchased = one free.

5. The return policy is 30 days, if you are not satisfied with Foligray, the company does not offer a “trial”, in return you will pay the shipping costs.

Foligray Disadvantages

You should tell your doctor if you want to buy this supplement and you should check the ingredients carefully if you have allergies or intolerances.

Make sure you drink plenty of water daily, helping your body absorb the product’s minerals and vitamins. You should not take more than the recommended dose, beware of kidney problems.

If you have kidney problems, you may have symptoms such as:
– diarrhea
– nausea
– vomiting
– skin rash
– reddening of the face


Many people have gray hair and do not mind this, although many would not want gray hair. Foligray is a product for gray hair due to aging, as well as a supplement that helps improve overall health. It slows down other signs of aging such as wrinkles.

Many hair treatments are very expensive and cost a lot, with a lot of side effects. Foligray contains natural ingredients with no side effects.

Foligray is administered for the appearance of gray hair and really helps gray hair. Foligray is not a miracle product, but it is far superior to many other products with side effects. If you are looking for a gray hair product, try Foligray!