Commonly known as BMI is just like a mathematical equation, which recommends what is your body weight in a proportion of your height. Another name of body mass index is Quetelet as this method had been invented and determined by Aldhophe Quetelet, a French mathematician cum statistician.

It is very easy to understand that if the ratio of your body weight and your height, you will likely to be healthier, physically, and mentally fit as compare to those who do not have this health-related benefit.

Now, the most mysterious and fascinating yet unanswered question is that how to achieve ideal body mass index throughout the life.

Before taking off the flight of ideal body mass index, you just need to understand that achieving ideal body mass index is possible. You can believe with closed eyes that it is possible.

However, it is not at all an easy task. It needs dietary discipline, persistent avoidance of all addictive bad habits, positive thinking as much as possible and last but not the least, regular physical exercise.

How to calculate your BMI- We discussed earlier that Body Mass Index is a mathematical equation or formula. The formula for calculating your present Body Mass Index is mentioned below.


To find out your present Body Mass Index, there is another easy way. That is the readymade calculating table.
For your convenience, few examples of ideal Body Mass Index are below.

ideal Body Mass Index

Here you can witness that Body Mass Index of male and female slightly differs with each other.
We all know that your height can grow up an age of 18. In some exceptional cases, height may grow up to an age of 21. However, as far as the question of weight is concerned; our weight can increase or decrease throughout the life.

Therefore, it is very clear that we do not have control over our heights but our weight is, of course, an area of working. In other words, you cannot change your height but your weight depends on yourself only.

What are the factors that directly affect our weight?

1- Your genes- A human is nothing but a joint reflection of his or her both the producers. That means your genes have come to you from your mother and father. Your structure of weight belongs either to your mother’s genes or to your father’s genes. Because of these only, family genes is considered as one of the most common causes of obesity (The chronic disorder to be overweight for longer periods). However, do not be pessimistic. Obesity caused by genetic factors is treatable and manageable;

2- Hormonal imbalance – An imbalance of hormones in the body may cause obesity. This factor of weight gain affects women more as compare to their counterpart;

3- Prolonged emotional stress- it has been established in many medical studies and drug trials that persistent emotional stress makes glucose metabolism slower and causes overweight;

4- Inadequate or zero physical exercise- routine physical exercise is the most important factor that affects weight;

5- Excessive intake of fat and sugar- Excessive intake of fatty and sugary food is another crucial factor of weight gaining.

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