When you are working out hard, your body is using up fuel fast and you are burning energy very rapidly and that’s why, even if you have used a pre-workout supplement, such as Blackwolf Trail for women or Blackwolf Track for men, you can start to feel your motivational tailing-off about two thirds of the way through a training session.

To help you combat that energy slump and to power you through an intensive workout, Wolfson Berg has formulated Blackwolf Workout Hunt, the premium intra-workout supplement.

Blackwolf Hunt is designed to be used during a workout and it forms an important part of the Blackwolf pre, intra and post workout supplement range.

Blackwolf Hunt improves performance, aids the absorption of nutrients into the muscles, controls the build-up of lactic acid, and it provides you with that all important energy-boost right when you need it the most.

What is Blackwolf Hunt?

Blackwolf Hunt is an intra-workout supplement that has been specifically formulated to combat the tiredness and fatigue that affects many people in the last third of workout.

The supplement contains carefully selected ingredients that have been combined in precise proportions to provide you with the optimum energy-boost that will allow you to work at peak performance levels right the way through to the end of an intensive workout session.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Blackwolf pre and post-workout formulas, Blackwolf Hunt contains all the nutrients, amino acids and vitamins, and minerals that your body needs to let you gain the maximum benefits from a workout.

It will help stop you fading at the end of a session, and that will help you get the results you are looking for faster.

Hunt also has the added benefit of kick-starting the recovery process too, so your body will start repairing itself from the moment you have finished working out.

What Ingredients Does Blackwolf Hunt Contain?

When you are working hard to build a lean, healthy body, it is essential that you know exactly what you take in the form of supplements. Wolfson Berg does not hide what is included in the Blackwolf Hunt intra-workout supplements. It is all clearly listed on the packaging and on the company’s website.

 Blackwolf Hunt does not contain any artificial chemicals or fillers and there is no proprietary blend that could be hiding something harmful. 

The base formula of Blackwolf Hunt is the tried and trusted Blackwolf Power Blend, which is a carefully balanced blend of BCAAs and other muscle growth ingredients that are designed to provide fast results.

The supplement also contains creatine monohydrate, L-isoleucine, L-leucine, and L-valine, for muscle repair and muscle growth.

To help you work harder for longer and to stop you hitting a slump in energy, Blackwolf Hunt contains ingredients such as L-taurine, which are the main active ingredients that you would find in energy drinks, as well as whey protein isolate, selenium, zinc, and CoQ10, all of which aid muscle development and muscle repair.

What are the benefits of Blackwolf Hunt?

Blackwolf Hunt intra-workout supplement has been designed specifically for use during a workout. It will provide you with an instant energy boost that will see you through the toughest last stages of a high-intensity workout and it will top up your nutritional resources so that you gain from every last minute of your training sessions.

Here are the main benefits that you will see when you use Blackwolf Hunt intra-workout supplement.

Improved strength and power

By fuelling your body throughout a workout, you will gain the power and strength that is needed to keep up the pace of an intensive workout.

The balanced ingredients in Blackwolf Hunt provide the fast and effective delivery of nutrients to keep your body working at optimum levels so that you can push yourself harder and harder.

An energy boost right when you need it

An important aspect of the formulation of Blackwolf Hunt is the inclusion of ingredients such as L-taurine, which increases energy and vitality so that you can keep on working out harder for longer.

When combined with the other ingredients in the all-in-one formula of Blackwolf Hunt, the net result is that you will be able to workout at full pace, right through to end of a long training session.

Promote muscle growth and fast recovery

Blackwolf Hunt contains ingredients that will fuel muscle growth and help the body burn off fat and use it for energy. To aid muscle growth and repair, Blackwolf Hunt contains whey protein isolate, selenium, and zinc.

High carbohydrate to protein ratio

The high carb to protein ratio of Blackwolf Hunt is designed to give you the energy to work your way through long, intensive workouts.

The supplement also contains vitamins and minerals that will support your immune system and general health, including vitamins C and E, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Blackwolf Hunt Intra-Workout Supplement

Blackwolf Hunt provides you with the perfect balance of energy and nutrition to ensure that you can maximize the benefit of every training session. While other workout supplements simply provide you with a source of protein, the Blackwolf Hunt intra-workout supplement provides a well-rounded combination of benefits designed to help you reach your peak.

The carefully selected ingredients in Blackwolf Hunt create an extremely powerful intra-workout supplement that will get you through even the most intensive workouts.  It will give you the power and strength, and the endurance that you will need to achieve your fitness goals.


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