Are big breasted people less intelligent than their small breasted counterparts? Does breast size correlate with intelligence? Sometimes old stereotypes die hard. The idea perpetuated down through the ages is that big breasted women are less intelligent.

This image has been reinforced in literature, in comic strips, and on television where the air headed woman is portrayed with overly processed blonde hair and large breasts prominently displayed in an eye-catching push-up bra.

In contrast, the smart woman is generally depicted as being dark haired and small breasted, with thick-rimmed glasses and a rather nondescript look. It may be time to rethink this outdated notion…

According to a study carried out by a Chicago sociologist in 2003, women with big breasts had ten points higher I.Q’s. on average than their less well-endowed counterparts.

This sociologist conducting the study, who admitted to being a 32A in breast size, looked at 1200 women of various breast sizes. She divided the women into five categories based on their breast measurements. These included extra-large, large, medium, small, and extra-small breast sizes.

The women were then given an I.Q. test to objectively measure their intelligence levels To the researcher’s surprise, women in the extra-large and large categories scored an average of ten points higher than women in the groups with the smallest breast sizes. Even women with medium sized breasts beat out the small breasted women by several I.Q. points.

While no one is sure why this correlation between breast size and intelligence may exist, it may have something to do with sex hormone levels which play a role in determining a woman’s breast size. There’s also the possibility there may be some natural selection taking place here.

If it’s true that men actually prefer women with larger breast sizes, the intelligent men may be selectively choosing larger breasted women as their reproductive partners. The resulting offspring would have a high likelihood of inheriting the genes for larger breast size from the woman along with the male’s genes for higher intelligence.

It’s interesting to note that women in the United States have the largest breast size in the world with an average bra cup size of C. Does this mean we have the smartest women in the world? There’s also the issue of breast enhancement.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely that a woman can increase her intelligence by getting large breast implants, though no study has been done to confirm or refute this.

So, the next time you’re tempted to call that gal with the big breasts jutting out of her Victoria Secret’s push bra a bimbo, think again. She may actually be a rocket scientist.

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