african mango review

The dark green egg-shaped fruit is from a tropical tree which grows in the woodlands of Africa. Known by numerous of aliases, it is commonly called the African Mango.

Otherwise, it’s name is sweet bush mango, African wild mango, iba tree, dika, dikka nuts or ogbono.

It yields approximately 10 -15 years for a tree of this nature reach its peak of maturity, however, the process for the flowers to bloom and for the tree to bear fruit, may vary depending on the region it’s born in.

The natives of Africa have cultivated the mango for centuries, primarily for its medicinal capacities, although, its extract, Irvingia Gaconensis, is ideal for weight loss or to combat obesity without a special diet or rigorous exercise.

The African mango and its part are the only ingredients in this supplement, therefore, it is 100% pure.

Other supplements or extracts of African mango may not provide the same results if there are other herbs used in conjunction with the rare fruit. Read the label to be sure you are getting the real deal.

Dr. Oz seems to think the African Mango has value beyond weight loss.

The expert claims that it will lower cholesterol levels and serve as a complete vitamin that is excellent for use by both genders.

At the same time, research has shown that portions of the African mango tree are essential to treating diabetics and for treatment of gastrointestinal or digestive problems, plus a variety of other complaints.

African Mango Bark:

There are plenty of studies that confirm the usefulness of the bark, root, kernel, and leaf in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

  • The shavings mend and help smooth irritated and rough skin by grinding the tree bark and mixing with it a liquid paste to apply to the skin to get relief;
  • The extract from the bark (the boiled bark of the African mango) goes right into the infected area to bring forth relief from toothache pain. In addition, if you chew on the stems, it will help keep your teeth sparkling clean;
  • The shavings are renowned for its healing properties. It is a form of poison control which is also super for treating individuals who have hernias, diarrhea, or infectious diseases.


African Mango Kernel:

In a powder form, the kernel or oil seeds act as a powerful astringent and can quickly heal burns.  To form a paste or dika bread, one needs to grind the seeds into a paste.

The paste thickens food such as soups and sauces and the fat from the extract is comparable to cooking oil.

The Juice:

The juice of an African bush mango produces a colorful and delicious, sweet tasting wine after it has undergone a 28-day transformation.

African Mango Extract Health Benefits

The supplement, African Mango, asserts that it can function as a dual compound. It assumes the responsibility of being both a fat burner and a total body cleanser.

It controls weight gain by reproducing certain ‘fat’ hormones (leptin and adiponectin) –  the study.

African mango speeds up the weight loss process simply by boosting the individual’s metabolism.

When the person wanting to lose weight, consumes the mango extract, he or she burns fat by wiping out those toxins which block necessary nutrients and by restoring the energy it needs.

The mango supplies more than enough vitamin B to increase the metabolic rate needed for exercise and to burn fat. Furthermore, it controls cravings, prevents overeating and helps to lower bad or LDL cholesterol levels.

LDL is what induces artery blockage or hardening of the arteries. What’s more is that the Systolic blood pressure was lower, along with a lower risk of heart disease because of the African mango.

What the masses know is that the African mango is superb for reducing belly fat.

African mango specifically tackles belly fat, which is a truly frustrating problem for those who are attempting to drop a few inches off their waistline.

It appears that obesity attributes to leptin resistance. Leptin is the hormone that has authority over the midriff or the abdominal area.

In other words, when leptin numbers elevate, you don’t eat as much, however, when they decrease, you tend to eat more.

Sometimes it can seem impossible to get rid of the fat in the middle, however, African mango will get the job done.

The measure of leptin depends greatly on body fat or on your BMI number, therefore, the higher your number, the higher amount of leptin.

Where to Buy African Mango

Needless to say, if you are interested in this supplement, you should buy it and use it without reservation. There is a pretty good selection of Bauer Nutrition where you can buy safely.

It is safe to use as you won’t find numerous harmful side effects to concern yourself with.

At best, the only side effects known are mild insomnia, headaches, and gas.

The major drawback is that it may be a month before you notice results.

Nevertheless, speak with your healthcare professional to gain a clear understanding of what it means specifically for you to include this supplement in your regime.

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